Do you know of a usable text editor with monospace font and support for macros?

On Windows, I used to use notepad++ which was great. It's Linux equivalent nqq doesn't have macro support.

I tried installing this plugin to Gedit, but it doesn't seem to work.

Running notepad++ under Wine doesn't work for me either, because in this case, the editor font is not monospaced for some reason.

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Have a look at geany, that you can install from the repository universe

sudo apt update
sudo apt install geany

You find information about macros for geany by searching the internet for geany macro.



  • vi
  • vim.tiny
  • vim
  • gvim

I also had trouble getting the macro plugin to work with gedit. I haven't given up yet, but it was taking too long to be worth it today.


These are pretty useful.

  • VS Code
  • Sublime Text

If you are looking for an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), then you have other choices.

Write back and tell us what kind of editing you'll need to do.

  • I just need a light weight text editor, where I can open a plain text file, record a macro (series of key presses) and run it multiple times. I actually use VS Code but didn't realize it had macros. Is that some plugin? Can you specify which one?
    – Jardo
    Feb 18, 2021 at 20:04
  • Check the visual studio marketplace. True confession: I haven't used VS Code for more than 20 minutes, and that was 2 years ago on Windows. Still, it's worth exploring, and chances are you'd get lots of support from StackExchange and its forums.
    – mondotofu
    Feb 20, 2021 at 22:36

Jesus, I am writing my answere again. This AskUbuntu form is not working correctly. Please, tell the developers.

Sublime in my opinion is the best. You don't have to install any extra lib or package or plugin or module or etc.

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