I was reading through Ubuntu 20.04 documentation and in the TCP/IP Configuration section there is a tip about man interfaces command. When i try to use it, I get No manual entry for interfaces. I tried it on 20.04 Server and 20.04 Desktop, with the same result. I know there is manual on manpages.ubuntu.com, but why can't I access it through terminal?


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The interfaces configuration file and corresponding manpage, provided by the ifupdown package, have been superseded in Ubuntu 20.04 and newer releases.

The package is still available in the repositories, but is no longer installed with a stock Ubuntu system.

18.04 and newer releases of Ubuntu use Netplan (in the netplan.io package) to assign and configure interfaces.

See http://netplan.io/examples for examples of how to configure your interfaces using /etc/netplan/some_file.yaml instead of /etc/network/interfaces

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