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How can I configure Unity's launcher auto-hide behavior?

I have an Acer Aspire ONE Netbook and now having just upgraded to 12.04 the DASH program - that has always irritated me by keep popping up when I use spreadsheets and other documents that need the pointer to move close to the left edge of the screen causing the wretched Icons from DASH to pop up - is now PERMANENTLY down the side of my left hand side and as a result my internet pages all need scrolling to the right to get see the 1/4 inch pinched by DASH. How can I get my screen back to full view and DASH at least in 'pop up' status again. If I am stuck with this then I will reformat my hard disk and either go back to UBUNTU version 9 which was much quicker starting and simpler to use or look for another Linux provider.

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I think you are asking about the Launcher - the bar on the left hand side. The default is 'Always show'. You can change to 'Hide' in system settings->appearance->behaviour.

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