VirtualBox 6.1.18
Host: Windows 10
Guest: Xubuntu 20.04
Guest extensions installed and active

None of the CTRL+Fn key combinations seem to work in any program I tried (Visual Studio Code, LibreOffice, etc.)

Interestingly, CTRL+SHIFT+Fn combinations seem to work fine.

Please advise.


I tried the Keyboard Event Viewer inside the VM. When the CTRL key was pressed, none of the F1-F12 key presses registered. They did register when the CTRL key was not pressed, or when it was pressed in combination with the SHIFT key.

Similarly, I see the same when I run xev | grep -E -A3 "^KeyPress" (as suggested in a comment to another question)

This happens with the built-in Thinkpad keyboard, with the wireless Logitech K800, and with the VirtualBox on-screen "soft keyboard". Remapping the HOST key combination did not help.

I am at a loss.

  • Found the answer here. It was an XFCE issue.
    – Alex O
    Feb 25 '21 at 15:38

The issue turned out to be with XFCE rather than virtualBox.
By default, it maps CTRL+Fn combinations to switch to the corresponding workplaces.

See the answer to another question here.

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