I have the 16GB SD card and the 1.5GB .img file.

This .img file consist of 2 partition:

  • boot: 2MB
  • sys: ~1.5GB

I copy .img to SD card with this command:

dd if=*.img of=/dev/sdb bs=4M

After above command, partitions and files has been created in my SD card.

But free space has a problem:

the partition in the SD card after dd

  • boot: used 2MB, free space remain
  • sys: used 1.5GB , free space remain ~0MB.
  • Non-used free space ~14GB

I hope Not-used free space ~14GB integrated into sys partition.

How do I do?

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gparted would do that, f you don't mind using a GUI or installing a tool if don't have it yet. I recommend it, powerful and useful.

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