In Debian 10 Buster/Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS, systemd-resolved has a feature where it automatically resolves the default route's IP to _gateway. However, I need Unbound or DNSMasqd to run and takeover port 53 and serve my LAN. When I do that, _gateway stops resolving... which is the backbone of my VPN and iptables2 scripts 😭

Potential solutions?:

    1. Configure systemd-resolved to expose the Stub on some other port, and have Unbound treat it as authoritative for that zone
    1. Configure unbound/DNSMasq to read ip route when it changes and resolve _gateway itself.
    1. Perform surgery on my system and build the latest version of systemd-resolved which supports exposing to LAN and disables a check that blocks external traffic
    1. Have unbound resolve _gateway from systemd-resolved with a D-Bus connection


This post has lots of Ideas. Of interest is that D-Bus dns is common with containerd, and systemd-resolve by default listen on, which doesn't conflict with Unbind or DNSMasqd. Netplan, NetworkManager and Docker then go and read/write resolv.conf to work with So all I have to do is... set as the NS record for _gateway. BRB.

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