EDIT I had to go to the console and reboot, as it was unresponsive to any command.

I am trying to ssh to an Ubuntu 18.04 server, and it is unresponsive. But it responds to ping.

I suspect it has a running process (actually two instances of mpirun -8 myprog, so ps -ef | grep myprog would give 10 results), which are trying to write to disk, and disk is full. I have my home dir in the same partition as / (bad!!).

I tried

ssh myserver 'ps -ef | grep myprog'

with the expectation of then killing those processes. But this command is not responding either.

Is there any way to try this? Or anything else?

I mean not to have to physically go to the console (which is in a remote location).


You can send kill command directly like this

ssh myserver 'kill -9 `pidof myprog`'

you also should be aware if you allow root login via ssh, so in that case you specify host like root@myserver

  • Will this work if there are two instances, each of mpirun -8 ...? See updated OP. Feb 4 at 9:41
  • yes it will, otherwise you can use killall procName
    – DenisZ
    Feb 4 at 17:59
  • pkill will signal all matching processes.. (man 1 pkill details the patterns that can be matched) Feb 11 at 16:25
  • Thanks @SimonBanks I wasn't aware of pkill... I see it's very efficient
    – DenisZ
    Feb 12 at 7:40

Why not call the pkill command?

ssh myserver pkill myprog
  • 2
    If OP don't get a responce from ssh myserver 'ps -ef | grep myprog', will your's ssh myserver pkill myprog` do its work ?
    – Soren A
    Feb 11 at 14:53

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