I installed a clean precise. I like gnome-shell so I installed it. It worked well with single monitor. But It does not work well when I go to office, plug my external monitor onto my laptop. I am using nvidia driver. Another colleague is using the same laptop, he can work well with dual monitors. His laptop is ATI graphic card.

When I plug my extended monitor cable, I choose GNOME, but actually it goes to gnome 2 classic desktop environment, not GNOME 3. When I disconnect the extended monitor, restart X, I can login with GNOME3. Do I have to choose between GNOME3 and extended monitor? It's a hard choose.

  • Can anybody help? Can gnome3 work well with nvidia card with dual monitors? – Terry Hu May 8 '12 at 7:39
  • I'm using NVidia driver with a dual screen setup on 12.04 gnome 3. I can launch the shell but the experience is extremely jerky, the Xorg load is constantly flipping between 5-50% (2 core system). I'm about to try the post-release NVidia driver, ill report back. – Captain Giraffe May 8 '12 at 9:47

My experience with the post-release proprietary NVidia driver is a lot better than the ordinary one. I have not experienced any problems so far, after about an hour of use. It seemed to make a difference that I saved the dual screen setup in xorg.conf (nvidia-settings).

lshw says my Card is G86[Quadro NVS 140M].

  • I am already on the post-release driver. Can you work in GNOME3 destkop with dual monitors? What's more, I want to enable Xinerama to extend my X screen size and make cross-monitor windows available. – Terry Hu May 16 '12 at 10:32
  • Yes, dual monitors works fine. Xinerama, have not tried. – Captain Giraffe May 16 '12 at 22:10

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