Just freshly installed from 12.04 after using 11.04 and dist-upgrading to 11.10 a few months back, figured a fresh installation was due.

First thing I noticed is that synaptic is no longer installed by default. I've no issues with this, and assume the approach to install packages is now via the ubuntu software center.

However, I notice there are a lot of packages missing. I was looking for "vagrant", which I've had to install manually with a sudo apt-get install, but was hoping to use GUI for most things. Surely there is a GUI way?

I also noticed when checking for "vim", it comes up with gVim and a little note at the bottom saying "show 2 technical items", which when clicked shows the vim I was looking for.

Just curious what the expected GUI way is of installing these supposed "technical packages".


Actually they should appear in the Software Center, so that is an odd problem.

I guess a simple way around your problem would be to just install synaptic again, it's still in the repos:

Click to install

You also might want to update your Package- Lists and give the Software Center another try, but I doubt that it will make a difference.

  • Installing synaptic or packages via apt-get manually isn't an option. I'm trying to rate a few different linux distros "out of the box" to see which one I like best, without "fixing" stuff. If latest ubuntu can't install packages I want with a default GUI then it's off to a slow start. – tigris May 7 '12 at 1:02

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