I have an old 32-bit Acer Aspire 5710z with an Ethernet card, the Broadcom BCM5787M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 02). Puppy Linux recognizes and uses this card with no problems but Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't.

The thing is that the driver seems to be installed. The driver is in Kernel module tg3 according to my system information, and I looked and found that the tg3 module is there in my Ubuntu. So the driver, I think, is present.

It first said "Ethernet Network Disconnected" and then I tried to create a static IP address as suggested here:

How do I set a static IP in Ubuntu?

The last recommended step, which was to do this:

sudo systemctl restart networking.service

gave the error message "Unit networking.service not found". The rest of it seemed to work.

However, it still won't recognize the ethernet card, and now gives this message: "Ethernet Network device not managed".

Any ideas? Am I on the right track to fix this or is the static IP not the problem? Thanks very much in advance!

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