I use Ubuntu 20.04.1.; Kate 20.04.0 was installed with sudo snap install kate

When I start Kate I get first the message
Qt: Session management error: Could not open network socket
and then pages of error messages.

Any hint how to get out of this mess?



First remove the SNAP package, then install the apt version.

$ sudo snap remove kate
$ sudo apt install kate
$ kate --version
kate 19.12.3

This might not be the latest version, but it sure works (20.04)

To me snap packages are a nuisance due to not having "sane" security settings provided with/inside them, and most of all NOT adjusted to a home user's needs.

  • But wouldn't this install a mountain of KDE dependencies? – Levente Jan 26 at 17:38
  • Unavoidable, with snap too. – Hannu Jan 26 at 17:43
  • FWIW; my / resides on a 256GB SSD, all of it, including kate and KDE, sums up to 12.4GB of data; That is 0.0124 TB - not very much, despite numerous fun and useful packages being present. 230 of 244.5 GB available. (Hit the windows key and type Disk Usage Analysator to check yours) – Hannu Jan 26 at 17:55
  • The disk usage side is convincing enough indeed; but I'm also concerned about how many of those extra / otherwise redundant modules are loaded along with the Gnome desktop, like, impact on RAM usage, and a general impact on the system's stability. Is there such a thread that explores this? I love Kate; I had positive experiences with it (from an earlier time in my life). But these aforementioned concerns kept me from installing it... – Levente Jan 26 at 18:27
  • Thank you for the hint. It worked. – afs Jan 27 at 22:54

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