I would like to change the (color) theme in KDevelop to a dark theme as advertised on the KDevelop website. This setting is places in settings -> color theme where a list of color themes should be available. With Ubuntu 20.04 there is just a single option bringing the application back to the default color theme.

Is there a possibility to change the theme of KDevelop in Ubuntu 20.04?

There is a related AskUbuntu question, but it is targeting Ubuntu 14.04 which did not use GNOME. Furthermore there is no accepted answer.

I am aware that the colors of the editor can be changed, but I want to change the color theme of the whole application.

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KDevelop reads colour schemes from ~/.local/share/color-schemes/ and /usr/share/color-schemes/.

Ubuntu's kde-style-breeze package includes the standard KDE ones (among other things), or you can find many here: https://store.kde.org/browse/cat/112/ord/top/

[Originally I suggested the breeze package - kde-style-breeze pulls in less unrelated content as pointed out by @xCovelus]


Following FLHerne's answer*, I searched in apt, and fixed the general window style through:

sudo apt install kde-style-breeze

After that, KDevelop -> Settings -> Color Theme, and many new themes appeared, such as Breeze Dark. For the source code area: Settings -> Configure -> Editor -> Fonts & Colors / Schema -> (select some of these, as Breeze Dark)

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