Ubantu 20.04 LTS I have set up this server to replace a very old Mac OS server that will not serve a current version of TLS. While I was using Apache on the Mac, the version on the Ubantu requires different configuration, and I have overcome much of my issues. I have a number of sites that are running properly and a number of redirects that take the user from ***.com to ###.com I have site that I installed and configured and checked that is serving properly with https that I need to send a number of other sites to. I have set up the redirect on that site in a similar way to the ones that are working, yet I am not able to serve the proper site, they go to the default. I have configured and reconfigured with what I thought was working settings and yet I cannot seem to get it to work. This is the "target" conf file that is working:

<VirtualHost *:80> ServerName wescrap.ca ServerAlias www.wescrap.ca ServerAdmin webmaster@wescrap.ca DocumentRoot /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html Redirect permanent / https://wescrap.ca

<Directory /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html>
    Options -Indexes +FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All

ErrorLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/wescrap.ca-error.log
CustomLog ${APACHE_LOG_DIR}/-access.log combined </VirtualHost>

<VirtualHost *:443> ServerName wescrap.ca DocumentRoot /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html

SSLEngine on SSLCertificateFile /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html/SSL/wescrap_ca.crt SSLCertificateKeyFile /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html/SSL/wescrap_ca.key SSLCertificateChainFile /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html/SSL/wescrap_ca.ca-bundle

This is the code for the redirect that is not:

<VirtualHost *:80> ServerName toronto-scrap.com ServerAlias www.toronto-scrap.com Redirect permanent / http://wescrap.ca/ DocumentRoot /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html

Would be most grateful for some suggestions as to a fix. Thanks!

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Looking at the record for toronto-scrap.com, I believe you're missing an s:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName toronto-scrap.com
    ServerAlias www.toronto-scrap.com
    Redirect permanent / https://wescrap.ca/
    DocumentRoot /var/www/wescrap.ca/public_html

The Redirect was originally pointing to http rather than https.

Remember to reload Apache after making these changes:

sudo service apache2 restart
  • No joy on that. Same ending, goes to the default page for the server. I swap the DNS and check, then send it back the Mac server. This is a real puzzle!
    – intrrnet
    Jan 21, 2021 at 3:15
  • Have you verified that the .conf file with this rule is enabled? Can you update your question to include the output of sudo a2query -s? This will show the virtual host files that are currently enabled.
    – user1091774
    Jan 21, 2021 at 3:37
  • It's not on that list! Will re-run the setup. Hopefully that will be the solution.
    – intrrnet
    Jan 21, 2021 at 4:11
  • Just enable the file with sudo a2ensite /etc/apache2/sites-available/999-toronto.conf (change the file to what it actually is) and then restart Apache: sudo service apache2 restart.
    – user1091774
    Jan 21, 2021 at 4:14
  • Yup, that was it. Does the phrase "code blindness" work better than "how the heck did I miss that"? Thanks. It's always the step you thought you had taken that makes the difference when something goes wrong. Thank you again!
    – intrrnet
    Jan 21, 2021 at 4:26

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