Lubuntu 20 04 boots either in a "text mode" and says [ok] for

Finished hold until boot process finishes up
Started OpenBSD Secure Shell Server
Finished Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen

Or it boots to a black screen.

Then nothing happens.

With Alt-F1 I can go to tty1 With Alt F7, it will not start in GUI. Instead I get back to the above message or black screen, but no gui

I use /usr/bin/Sddm, and starting it (service sddm start) does not work as user nor as root (Unit sddm.service is masked).

I do not have as commands start nor startx.

Usually when it works it boots to the Sddm.

But after a restart, the described behaviour comes up. I played with the path var, and /usr/bin is on the path. I compared /etc/environment to my path, and it seems ok.

The Lbuntu Logo with the 4 dots shows up shortly before finishing booting, but after one second disappears.

Any help?

  • With dpkg-reconfigure sddm I get: sddm ist kaputt oder nicht komplett installiert.
    – Timo
    Jan 12, 2021 at 19:41

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I fixed it by going to the Boot Menu with esc and selecting Ubuntu. It then booted to Sddm and not text mode.

Another solution is to check the display manager with cat/etc/X11/default-display-manager.

Then make sure that /usr/bin/sddm is available. If not:

apt install sddm

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