I have two screens, eDP-1 and VGA-1. The touch ia a ILITEK with ID 11 on the "xinput list". My eDP-1 is the master one on the motherboard configuration (I can't change it), but I have to use the VGA-1 as primary, because is where I have the touchscreen. So, I've configured the monitors.xml, and with a mouse is working fine, but with the Touch is always pointing to the first screen (VGA-1).

I've done "xinput map-to-output 11 VGA-1" but the touch is always pointing to eDP-1.

I've tried to use the "xinput set-prop " to change the Transformation Matrix but it doesn't change is beavior no mater the Transformation matrix I set.

This only hapens on Ubuntu 20.04. When I was with 16.04 it was working fine.

Could anyone help? Thanks in advance

  • Sorry, when I said "he Touch is always pointing to the first screen (VGA-1)." I mean "he Touch is always pointing to the first screen (eDP-1)." – manuel Jan 11 at 13:45

Just after I post the question I've seen that there was two ID's for the same input device. They where listed with ID 10 and 11. After I repeat the input command to both of devices everything work very well. So the answser is to make:

xinput map-to-output 10 VGA-1
xinput map-to-output 11 VGA-1

Thank you all anyway

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