Ubuntu 20.04

I recently did an update using Software Updater and it seemed to go well. I reran the SU just to see it say that the software was up to date. Instead it said there were updates, but blank, nothing listed.

Not necessarily the Software Updater's problem per say because  apt can't find them either: 

terminal:$ apt list --upgradable
Listing... Done

So, being foolish I click 'install now' half thinking it just might clear up whatever it seemed it needed to.  It didn't and it did not appear to have done anything (although I'm weary of a retro-active mine that may have been lain for future update/packaging pain). It was a while back so I don't remember any output from the install. Nothing significant if anything, but also no acknowledgement or details, etc.

Since then I have tinkered with a few minor things and rerun the Software Updater a few times to see if the issue cleared. I would like to see it report that the software is up to date.

How can I get to that stable state again?

Maybe live with this issue as long as it doesn't impair future updates?

*Note I just did an update so it'll be a while before new changes show up.


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