I am using the Evolution email client on Gnome.

I own 2 domains and I set up an email account (Microsoft Office 365) with one of them and I set the second domain as an alias having all emails sent to any of the 2 domains sent to the account set up with office 365.

I logged in to the office 365 account in Evolution (using the evolution-ews plugin) and I want to set up the ability to send emails from evolution using the alias domain as well, something like gmail here.

I couldn't find the correct way to do it and would appreciate some help.

Thanks all!

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    Be careful with Outlook Online - they may restrict it so you can't send as an alias unless you actually have your alias configured in Online - they do this to protect from spoofing with Exchagne via Microsoft 365 plans. – Thomas Ward Jan 16 at 19:15

You can set aliases by clicking right button on your email address (in the pane to the left with inbox and stuff) and selecting properties. There is a textarea labeled Aliases. You can add them in format Display Name <email@email.com>

You probably know this and it just do not work for your special case, but sometimes the most obvious things are the most overlooked ones.

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