With using linux on and off on different PC's through the years, one issue I have not been able to solve is the brightness setting during boot sitting at the Display Manager.

I am running KDE version of ubuntu so I have sddm installed. Googling and searching through the Arch wiki, I am unable to find anything relating to brightness setting when at a Display manager. Once logged on, I set up a script to lower it to the brightness that I like best.

Is there any way to change the brightness when first booting, even an option to hardcode it? From what I see, it is not a setting per display managers.

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I found a solution using a bash script and systemd services for anyone else that may come along and wish there was a screen brightness perseverance.

  1. Make a bash script and place it where you see fit. Here is my example where I named it Brightness_Checker.bash. Also create a text file names something like Brightness_Checker.backup, this will be for storing the brightness value. You will want to update sLoc with that path to the .backup file.


bVal=$(cat $sLoc)

echo $bVal > $bLoc

while :
    cVal=$(cat $bLoc)

    if [ $cVal = "0" ];
        echo 1 > $bLoc

    if [ $bVal != $cVal ];
        echo $bVal > $sLoc
    sleep 10
  1. Within /etc/systemd/system, create a service file similar to mine where ExecStart will point to your bash script:
Description = Brightness checker


  1. From here you want to enable the service:

    sudo systemctl enable Brightness_Checker.service

Then restart your pc.

Note: The reason I have it echo 1 if the brightness is 0 is due to something beyond my pay grade that resets the brightness to full when booting up.

EDIT: One thing I forgot to mention, for security, I would suggest making those 2 files root owner and remove write access from everyone but root otherwise any update to that script could be ran on next startup.

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