AnyDesk runs in Ubuntu startup and I couldn't find any setting in order to disable it in its settings. How can I disable AnyDesk autostart?

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I've found the following approach to disable the AnyDesk service. In this way, you can run it manually.

systemctl disable anydesk.service

You can also check its service status:

systemctl status anydesk

nb: you might want to stop it first (or after) if it is running:

service anydesk stop
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    successfully tested also on Ubuntu 22.04
    – cyberbrain
    Aug 3 at 5:53

go to the .anydesk/ path(for example: mine is /home/pyruz/.anydesk), find autostart.conf and delete it. just this.

anydesk version: 6.1.1 , ubuntu version: 22.04 LTS

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