I have a dual boot setup: windows vista and ubuntu.

But, I actually have a duplicate Ubuntu install that I setup a long time ago to get my bootmenu back... (my computer at one point could not find the boot record because I was playing around with the partitions.. i couldn't start the computer, had to install new UBUntu, and my boot menu came back).

So I want to get rid of this duplicate Ubuntu install without having the same problem again where I cannot get the boot menu. The duplicate install is what caused my boot menu to appear again so thinking that they are connected.


  • Know the partition on which the " / " directory of your primary Ubuntu is mounted:

    Run this from your primary Ubuntu: df


    System > Administration > System Monitor > File Systems

  • Associate the GRUB (boot-menu) with your primary Ubuntu installation:

    sudo grub-install --root-directory=/dev/sdan /dev/sda

    Replace sdan with the partition on which the " / " directory of your primary Ubuntu is mounted (sda1 or sda2 or sdan)

  • Remove the duplicate Ubuntu installation using a partitioning tool.

  • Boot your primary Ubuntu, and run this command:

    sudo update-grub

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You should be able to remove the duplicate and then run sudo update-grub in the remaining installation to update the grub menu. If you want to be safe, re-run sudo install grub /dev/sda where /dev/sda is the master boot hard drive. This will reinstall grub into the Master Boot Record, and configure it to point to your existing Ubuntu install's boot directory.

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Just do whatever you need to do to remove the extra Ubuntu installation (Like installing a new OS). Then just run the live version of Ubuntu (you can find it here) and follow this guide that will show you how to restore grub: http://aroundtheweb.info/2010/10/restorerecover-grub-2-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat-reinstalling-windows-xpvistawin7/

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