Here is the instruction to hide the clock from the menu bar.


Click on the Settings menu > System Settings.
Go to System > Time & Date
Click on the Clock tab
Uncheck Show a clock in the menu bar.

enter image description here

I wasn't sure which version of Ubuntu this article written for. But it was not for Ubuntu 20.04 as there is no option to uncheck Show a clock in the menu bar as shown in the screenshot/article above.

I just want to have top menu bar without the clock in the middle. That's it. Thanks


I am also working on ubuntu 20.04.

Please install gnome-tweaks: sudo apt install gnome-tweaks gnome-tweak-tool. After that open the application gnome-tweaks and choose top bar from the left list, then you can customize your head bar.

This gives you opportunity to customize your date and weekday, but if you wants to remove the clock totally you would need to install further extensions, see if https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1110/hide-clock/ helps.

  • Thanks @Simon. I already have gnome-tweaks installed, but there is no option to remove/hide the clock. Can you share your findings?
    – user1069309
    Jan 1 at 2:22
  • @Wolf I may mistook your question, you want to remove the whole clock, right? I have updated the answer, hoping it helps.
    – Simon
    Jan 1 at 2:31
  • In addition to what @Simon has shared, this link helped me to install & enable the plugin(as I'm not too well versed with my Ubuntu). Hope it helps some user like me :-)
    – Nagadeep
    Sep 15 at 6:38

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