The keyboard layout GUI in 12.04 system settings is not responding on my laptop. In a different post a workaround was found (see: Cannot switch keyboard layouts).

Problem now: Having manually altered the file /etc/default/keyboard I can now access all the keyboard layouts I want except for one: Russian phonetic. (i.e. the letters are placed where the equivalent Latin letters are - qwerty) This keyboard was in the old Gnome and it is still listed in the "system settings" keyboard GUI. But the GUI is not responding.

I can toggle between the official Russian keyboard and Norwegian with the command:

sudo setxkbmap -option grp:alt_shift_toggle no,ru

But ru phonetic is not understood. What is the code for the phonetic Russian keyboard?


I use it like that:

setxkbmap -option grp:switch,grp:alt_shift_toggle,grp_led:scroll,compose:menu -layout 'us,lt,ru' -variant ',,phonetic_winkeys'

The main thing is 'us,lt,ru' and ',,phonetic_winkeys'. In your case it will be -variant ',phonetic_winkeys'

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