The hotkeys on the Google Chrome right-click menu are not underlined.

For example, from the right-click menu, we can press T to open a link in a new tab and we can press V to "save image as"

On Windows, there is an option to "underline access keys when available" in the accessibility options that will underline the corresponding letters for these keys on the Google Chrome right-click menu.

It would be nice to know these keys so we could use them and Google does not have them listed anywhere that I can find.


In case we don't have the ability to underline the keys, I went ahead and compiled a list of hotkeys for the Google Chrome right-click menu:

open-link-in-new-tab    -       t
open-link-in-new-window -       w
open-link-in-incognito  -       g
save-link-as            -       k
copy-link-address       -       e
inspect                 -       n

open-image-in-new-tab   -       i
save-image-as           -       v
copy-image              -       y
copy-image-address      -       o
google-image-search     -       s

We can use this list as a workaround for reference but I'm still open for any answers.

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