I usually convert my CBR/CBZ files with CBR Converter (on Windows), a program that converts the image in the CBR/CBZ (given they are all packages), being them PNG/JPG/whatever to WEBP, so I almost don't lose quality and the size gets shrunk.

But I noticed only CBR/CBZ with PNG/JPG images packed get recognized by Nautilus and have their thumbnails generated - those ones converted to WEBP just have a standard icon on it.

I even tried this solution (How to preview DDS and WEBP images on nautilus?) and it worked great for WEBP files in general, but I didn't got much success messing with CBZ.

Is there any way to create a script to make it possible?

  • In my experience on Ubuntu 16.04 / 20.04.1 Nautilus doesn't show previews even for vanilla webps. Not even in those cases when renaming a .webp file to .jpg is successful. Before the renaming, no luck. Even if libwebp is installed on the system. Another application, gthumb has webp capabilities - but its user experience is very different from that of Nautilus so I for one don't use it.
    – Levente
    Dec 26 '20 at 10:47

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