I'm trying to install Ubuntu 20.04 Server, but it has issues detecting hard drives. To figure out what's wrong, I switched to the installer shell session with F2. Now I'm trying to enter a command that requires a file path as parameter, but I cannot get Ubuntu to type a / into the terminal.

This is a remote server, I'm connected through VNC during the setup, I'm typing on a keyboard with German keyboard layout. Here's what I've tried so far

  • try to type / with Shift+7 (as written on my keyboard): ? appears
  • hit the key left of right shift (where / is on US keybaords): - appears (this is what you'd expect from a German layout, but then why is Shift+7 not working?)
  • loadkeys de: I get a bunch of warnings about Unknown X keysym "dead_belowmacron"
  • now Shift+7 results in _ and the key left of right shift produces nothing
  • loadkeys us: back to the previous behavior
  • dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration: same results as with loadkeys

The keyboard layouts appear to be completely messed up. With the US layout, many keys on my German keyboard produce exactly what's written on them, even though I loaded the US layout. On the other hand, when I load the German keyboard layout, it's even more broken and many keys cease to function entirely.

Is there any way I can type a / in this terminal? This seems so ridiculous...


It was my VNC client, Remmina. I had no keyboard layout issues with Vinagre so far.

Remmina has been the default VNC client of Ubuntu for quite a while, wouldn't have guessed that it has such severe issues with keyboard layouts...

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