I have raspberry and Ubuntu Mate 20.04 (I could also use Ubuntu desktop for raspberry):

  1. I am wondering if there is a way to automate "the first run wizard"? The first boot will prompt end-user-configuration dialog/service and would it be possible to create e.g. preseed file to automate system configuration?
  2. Would it be possible to prevent partition resize? Or could I define an upper bound for resize?

In conclusion I would like to create an image, which would be ready to use when the power is switched to on.


The standard method for pressed on ubuntu 20.10 is cloud-init its enabled by default and it can be used with the Ubuntu 20.10 Installer. I use USB sticks for this purpose however cloud-init can be used to request the configuration data over the network.

Its very powerful and I frequently use to do unattended installs just boot it up and come back later to tell it to reboot the first time.

Perfect for the busy administrator I suggest you play with it in a virtual environment as its a quick learning curve. Say with multipass or virtualbox.






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