I've got lenovo YOGA s730 with Ubuntu 20.04 and can't turn on fingerprint login. In other questions on forum people have troubles with turning on fingerprint in settings > users > authentication and login, but I don't even have a button there, which is strange, since there should be built-in feature in 20.04, right?


The Yoga 730 uses a "special" Synaptics fingerprint reader that does not work out of the box with either fprint or thinkfinger. There is a prototype driver being built by some talented people, but it's not 100% solid just yet.

For the moment the fingerprint reader on your Lenovo will likely sit idle. Hopefully there will be a compatible driver available by the time the next LTS rolls around.

  • Oh, I see. Thank you for your answer! Dec 20 '20 at 18:57

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