I'm aware that Alt+Tab lets you switch between all windows and Alt+` lets you switch between windows of the same application.

Is there any shortcut to switch between windows of unique applications?

For eg., consider that I have these windows running [Firefox Window 1, Firefox Window 2, Firefox Window 3, Terminal Window 1], in the most recently opened order (so currently Firefox Window 1 is active). If I press Alt+Tab, I'll switch to Firefox Window 2. Even if I press Alt+`, I'll switch to Firefox Window 2. My question asks for a method, if exists, to switch to Terminal Window 1 directly.

P.S. I'm also aware of desktops. Just a question out of curiosity.

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In "Settings" - "Keyboard Shortcuts", you could set "Switch Applications" to for example Super+Tab and leave "Switch Windows" to Alt+Tab. Then, the latter would retain its default function in Ubuntu and let you switch through windows, whereas the former would allow you to switch applications.

If you would prefer both Super+Tab and Alt+Tab to switch applications, you will need to configure that with a command:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.keybindings switch-applications "['<Alt>Tab', '<Super>Tab']"

will do that. That is actually the default behaviour in the upstream Gnome Shell.

In "Settings" - "Keyboard Shortcuts", you can at any time revert the keyboard assignment to the default by clicking the little cross that appears next to the changed binding.

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