I'm runing ubuntu 20.04 on the host and Ubuntu 20.10 on two VMs. I always let them open and running. Sometimes, after waking the laptop from sleep, one of them has the screen locked (they both are configured to never lock screen/sleep). Then I put the password and unlock it, the screen gets black and I have to force reset the VM for it to work again.

It's annoying because I then have to reopen everything I was working on.

What can I do to solve this problem? It's not always that it happens and not on both VMs at the same time.

I use virt-manager for the virtualization


I'm guessing that it might be a problem with ACPI not cooperating with the virtualization software or vice versa, or it might be a problem with files in the virtual machine. Maybe try using different virtualization software, or try using a different version of Ubuntu on the VM.


Go to Setting and then Power option Check the Automatic Suspend:


Or you can check the Privacy section and in ScreenLock disable the Lock Screen on Suspend:



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