I have a small function that I keep in my profile to give me quick access to some config files:

viconf ()
    printf "Edit config file:\n\n";
    select x in ~/.bashrc ~/.bash_profile ~/.bash_login ~/.profile ~/.inputrc ~/.vimrc;
        vim $x;

It creates output like this:

1) /home/boss/.bashrc
2) /home/boss/.bash_profile
3) /home/boss/.bash_login
4) /home/boss/.profile
5) /home/boss/.inputrc
6) /home/boss/.vimrc

I'm not really happy with this. I want the #? to have a \n and then say Select a config file to edit with vi?. I've tried lots of ways to edit PS3 but everything I try fails to achieve this (specifically, the \n always fails). How do I make my function have a custom prompt?


You can either insert a literal newline in the string:

Select a config file to edit with vi? '

or use printf with a C-style \n for the newline:

PS3="$(printf '\nSelect a config file to edit with vi? ')"

or using the bash shell's printf -v to write to the variable directly

printf -v PS3 '\n%s ' 'Select a config file to edit with vi?'

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