I've just installed Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS on a new Kogan Atlas C250

Is there a way to get the touchscreen working? I've tried to search but found nothing specific that helped. I've also followed the touchscreen wiki serial connection steps with not much luck. (I keep getting [screen is terminating] at the 'screen /dev/ttyS_' step).

The dream is to be able to flip the screen around to tablet mode and annotate PDFs.

In case this is valuable information - the login page appears upside down every time (if anyone has a fix so I don't have to screenlock on every reboot, it would be appreciated too)

Thank you

P.S. Ubuntu has made this cheap machine usable... The machine was running at CPU 100% constantly using the pre-installed windows... before I even opened any other program! Ubuntu is barely at 30% by comparison.

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