I am trying to create a wifi hotspot/AP using NetworkManager CLI (nmcli).

All works well if I create it for 2.4GHz band=bg. But, if I set band=a for 5GHz, I get a timeout failure from wpa_supplicant

This occurs on 2 different systems. One is ubuntu 20.04 with Qualcomm wifi device. The other ubuntu 18.04 with Intel wifi device. Both devices are capable of 5GHz. I need help determining what's wrong.. please.

This command for band=bg is successful:

> nmcli device wifi hotspot ifname [wifi_dev] band bg ssid [MyWiFi] password [MyPassword]
Device '[wifi_device]' successfully activated with '[4-part hex number id]'

Then delete it:

> nmcli con delete Hotspot  (that's the default hotspot connection name)

Then changing to band=a fails:

> nmcli device wifi hotspot ifname [wifi_dev] band a ssid [MyWiFi] password [MyPassword]
Error: Connection activation failed: 802.1X supplicant took too long to authenticate


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