How to disable super+s shortcut on Ubuntu 20.04. I have tried the compiz manager and then going to expo and then disabling expo key. But it won't work. I want to bind this shortcut for some other app.

If it makes any difference, I use Wayland and not X11.

I have tried the following solutions
How to use <super>+w/a/s/d as shortcuts?
Disable super + s in ubuntu 13.04

  • Do you want super+S to do nothing? – preIdiot Nov 29 '20 at 5:26
  1. Go to Settings → Keyboard shortcuts.

  2. Go to System shortcuts section.

  3. Click on the shortcut with name Show the overview and key combination Super+S.

  4. Instead of adding anyother key binding to it just press Backspace and click on Set.

That's it, shortcut is disabled!!

Hope this helps :))

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