I want to connect my bluetooth keyboard (macintosh) at Startup.

But what should i say, i have to enter a PIN, without a keyboard is connected...

Is there a way to connect my keyboard without to buy a USB-Keyboard?

My mouse won't connect, too - i have to enter a PIN there as well!

EDIT: I have a Thinkpad x60s, too. Is there any chance to pair my thinkpad (ubuntu) with my machine (ubuntu) via bluetooth?

  • I entered about thousands of terminal commands to get Ubuntu work on my MacMini, and now i cannot do anything because of those stupid things... -.- Why Ubuntu don't let me enter my PIN with the keyboard, OS X does it. It would be so great to have a work-around... – Bastian Gruber May 1 '12 at 20:37
  • How you've managed to receive the "Enter pin" dialog? – Yuriy Voziy May 5 '12 at 20:56
  • It pops up automatically. When i turn my apple keyboard on, the dialog appears. I found no other way to connect the bluetooth-keyboard and mouse then buying a USB-Mouse. Perhabs something important for the Ubuntu-Developers. – Bastian Gruber May 9 '12 at 12:32

It is a very easy task and I had no problems with a bluethooth keyboard (Thinkpad).

A) You can use the "add new device" wizard of Ubuntus standard bluetoth wizard (indicator symbol or system settings). It gives you a number. This number you simply enter on your keyboard, an press enter. Then the dialogue vanished and devices are paired.


B) Use Blueman (sudo apt-get install blueman) and the "pair" command to easily add new devices.

  1. search for new devices with blueman
  2. right an press "pair"
  3. enter "0000" on your UBUNTU PC (you can use any custom number you like)
  4. hit ENTER or press "OK" on the pc-dialogu
  5. immediately AFTER THAT, type "0000" on your BLUETOOTH KEYBOARD
  6. hit ENTER on the keyboard

That's it. Devices paired.

Tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and 14.04 LTS with Blueman and a Thinkpad Bluethooth keyboard (which should be same as a mac keyboard, due to bluetooth standard for input devices) on a Thinkpad W510, a Thinkpad X201 and a hinkpad X61s.

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