Last time I used Software Updater it updated packages and after finishing, displayed "However, Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS is now available (you have 18.04)."

I clicked the [Upgrade ...] button but nothing happened. In the Terminal, typing

$ sudo do-release-upgrade

returned this message:

Checking for a new Ubuntu release
Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading.

Both Ubuntu Software and Synaptic report that there are no updates/upgrades for Ubuntu 18.04.5.

What do I do now?

  • What happens in the terminal if you sudo apt update followed by sudo apt dist-upgrade? Are additional packages installed? – popey Nov 27 '20 at 14:56
  • Have you ppa included? – nobody Nov 27 '20 at 22:02

Some packages might be half-configured, or broken. Try the following commands as superuser:

  1. Verify all packages have been fully configured:

    dpkg --configure -a
  2. Update list of available package updates:

    apt-get update
  3. Do one of the following:

    • Upgrade outdated packages

      apt-get upgrade
    • Upgrade outdated packages and prerequisites, prioritizing important packages:

      apt-get dist-upgrade
  4. Repeat Step 1 if necessary

  5. Start release upgrade:


Please follow prompts and respond with caution; because release upgrade cannot be interrupted, nor "undone".

  • Many, many thanks to user3076105! This is exactly what I needed. Synaptic identified that a beta app had a new release but could not install the new release. So I removed the beta app and followed user3076105's instructions. I modified the original solution to make it easier for beginners to follow, and to reflect what I actually did. – Hedley Finger Nov 30 '20 at 8:24

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