I tried to drag and drop transmission to my launcher in Ubuntu 12.04, and this is what I got:

enter image description here

As you can see - there is an icon shaped space where an icon ought to be. Transmission is locked to the launcher - but I only know this from right-clicking on the space (which gives me the option to unlock it, as well as start the application minimised or with all downloads paused). Left-clicking on the space does not launch transmission. Why don't I have a launchable icon of Transmission in my launcher?

  • I did install for gnome package and same issue was fixed. – Anton May 1 '12 at 17:24

I think that you can open a terminal and use this command:

unity --replace &

to restart unity without reboot or logout from the session. You can also use the shortcut ALT+F2 with the dash and use the same command.

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Same thing happened to me with Chrome. I rebooted and the icon appeared. Please tell me if this works for you!

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