I'm trying to take advantage of the starring option in Nautilus. But it seems like there is a Bug which doesn't allow to "star" no indexed directories.

How do I add a directory to the index?

screenshot "stared" directories

Note 1: right now it seems like I can only star directories in the first level of the Users folder as well as in the default folders like Desktop, Documents, Downloads etc.
Note 2: the way starring how it worked in Ubuntu 19.04 seems not work anymore.

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Nautilus uses Tracker to index the files in the system. We can use tracker command to add new files or directory.

tracker index --help

       tracker-index - List, pause, resume and command data miners indexing content

       tracker index --reindex-mime-type <mime1> [[-m [mime2]] ...]
       tracker index --file <file1> [[file2] ...]
       tracker index --import <file1> [[file2] ...]
       tracker index --backup <file> | --restore <file>

Check current indexed folders and files:

tracker status

Currently indexed: 373 files, 49 folders
Remaining space on database partition: 234.0 GB (55.50%)
All data miners are idle, indexing complete

For instance if you want to index this additional folder /home/user/newfolder

tracker index --file /home/user/newfolder

# Confirm that the new folder has been indexed.
# Should output more files and folders than before.
tracker status
  • Thanks, that worked! The only thing missing was to restart (or close all) Nautilus windows!
    – wittich
    Dec 30, 2020 at 10:17

In Ubuntu 20.10, the command to add a directory, and its sub-directories, is...

$ tracker3 index --add --recursive Dir

...where Dir is the path to your directory.

To list the directories being indexed, use...

$ tracker3 index

More information... $ info tracker3-index

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