After installing a driver for a new PCIe Wifi card, my /vars/logs folder started filling up, where it end up filling the entire disk space and wasn't able to boot Ubuntu (more info here) and just got a repetitive console error of pcieport Bus Error severity=corrected, type=Physical Layer, and now I can't do anything beyond this black screen to login.

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After some reading I found this source from it's FOSS: https://itsfoss.com/pcie-bus-error-severity-corrected/

  1. Turn on your computer and just select in the boot GRUB the Advanced Options for Ubuntu

  2. Choose the latest Linux Recovery mode

  3. Then in the Recovery Menu select the root option to open the console below, click enter to activate it.

  4. Enter ls -s -S /var/log to view the largest files, for me was syslog.1 and kern.log

  5. Delete each file by going first to the directory by cd /var/logs and then remove them with the > {name_of_file} (ej. > syslog.1 and > kern.log)

You can check you actually deleted them by running the code of 4, then you should reboot by entering reboot.

After that you should be able to login to your Ubuntu account and quickly should modify your GRUB file to avoid the saving of this errors. For that I recommend the visiting the link above as it's in more detail. But be aware that is a temporal solution as the error will still be occurring in the background.

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