I used WPS Writer on Ubuntu 14 with automatic color and it was black. All my docs was saved with auto color. :(

Trusty is almost dead, so I recently installed the new Ubuntu 20, reinstalled WPS and now I can't see my docs text because the automatic color is very, very light grey.

I changed the default font and color in the settings but it not affected for the automatic color, that is still grey. So, when I open an old document saved with auto color, the text cannot be readable. I know if I select all the text and change the color to black will show up the content but...

My question is: How to change back the automatic color to black?

Thanks for any advice!

Screenshot attached — the automatic color is grey, not black:

The automatic color is grey not black

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This colour overlay is called Eye Protection Mode. Toggle it in the view menu. It is a nuisance rather than a feature.


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