It is very odd, I added a network drive and can see the files on it. Now I can open some files, but not pdfs. I can open text files and .doc files, but for pdfs I get following error message:

Unable to open document “file:///media/folder/file.pdf”.

Failed to load backend for 'application/pdf': libzstd.so.1: failed to map segment from shared object

I tried copying the file onto my drive and opening it then, same problem. I also tried opening this: http://www.africau.edu/images/default/sample.pdf but it also doesn't work. So I can't open pdfs in general. The strange thing is my collegue also has Ubuntu 20.04 and we both have a fresh default install of Ubuntu and he can open it, but I can't. I didn't change anything regarding the document viewer. How can I open pdfs in Ubuntu 20.04?

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    Can you try a right click, then "Open With", and then try opening it with Firefox, or whatever web browser you have. Alternatively, you can copy this address of the file (file:///media/folder/file.pdf) that you have given, and paste it directly in the search bar of the browser. – Crazy Goblin Nov 17 '20 at 9:18

Ok, after shortly switching to Windows and then back again, so restarting the computer this works again. I'm still curious how it could happen that such a basic thing as opening pdfs got broken.


I think your default PDF viewer is broken. Please try reinstall evince,qpdfview or somethink like app. On 18.04, they can be installed like: sudo apt install evince qpdfview (no sure if 20.04 is same or not)

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