I just installed Kubuntu 20.1 but every time I log in the desktop background disappears along with any applet that I set up earlier.

Every time I restart or turn off my laptop I get a black desktop background. The only thing that stays are the linked access icons of some software I put on the desktop.

I searched and found that changing the permissions of the usr/share/wallpapers folder was a solution, but it hasn't worked for me. I tried adding my pictures folder in the desktop settings and deleting the default folders (usr/wallpapers/ and usr/plasma/wallpapers) from the list of sources, so my images would load from home/myuser/pictures and select an image from that folder, but when I restart the system the desktop is black and when I check the settings the default folders are there again, My pictures folder is out of the list, a default image is selected (usually he first one) and the desktop is black. JUst when I click in another image, the background changes.

What can I do? I want my desktop settings saved and appear every time I log in.

I'll appreciate any help on this. Thanks!


UPDATE: Well I couldn't find help anywhere, I tried some solutions that I found for this problem but they did not worked for me, maybe because were for older versions. So I reinstalled Kubuntu and repeated everything I did checking on every step (updating the system, installing drivers, installing software, changing some devices setup, etc) and found the cause that also works for Kubuntu 20.04, which I also tested and got the same problem. So I will post it here in case someone else has the same issue.

The problem was caused by a global theme. After downloading and installing the theme "sweet KDE" my desktop turned black and every setting on the desktop stop being saved. I also installed and applied other 4 themes to check if they triggered the issue, and they didn't.

The "sweet KDE" theme also caused another issue in KUBUNTU 20.04 (NOT in 20.10): after installing the theme I could not restart, poweroff, or close session because the "KDE greeting"(I don't remember the full name of the app) froze leaving a blur screen with no options, so the only way to poweroff or restart was using the terminal.

THE SOLUTION: uninstall the theme. That's it. After uninstalling the theme all the problems went away and everything is working as it should again :)

The only annoying thing is that although I uninstalled the theme I still see it in the list of installed themes.

I hope this helps anyone that crosses with this kind of issue.

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