I installed Virtualbox on Ubuntu 20LTS, I have some questions you may help me solve.

I am trying to run a Ubuntu VM from an USB as a disk

About Users & Groups:

which groups needs the user to have permission to? After a research I made up this list:

vboxusers fuse sudo disk dip adm plugdev netdev

virtualbox-ext-pack & MOK

Do I need to install the virtualbox-ext-pack?? when I install this package it requires me to go through a process of rebooting and adding some passwords.

Is this process really need it in order to run a VM from an USB as a disk??


  • Please clarify your release. The closest is Ubuntu Core 20 as specialist snap based releases use the yy format, unlike yy.mm used by server & desktops releases, Ubuntu having used yy format since 2016 for specialist releases (all with long support lives)
    – guiverc
    Nov 12 '20 at 11:14