while trying to connect my JBL headset to my laptop I ran into multiple problems where it would connect and instantly disconnect... VERY irresponsibly I ran a bunch of suggested commands:


How to unpair bluetooth device from the command line

Ubuntu 20.04 bluetooth not working

Ubuntu 20.04 no sound out of Bluetooth headphones


Ubuntu 20.04 no sound out of Bluetooth headphones

Afterwards I gave up trying to connect the headphones but for some reason I couldn't select input or output devices in the sound menu.

Sound menu

I don't know what I did wrong or how to fix/revert this... please help

EDIT: So I managed to get it fixed thanks to this site: https://ostechnix.com/how-to-fix-broken-ubuntu-os-without-reinstalling-it/ , but I wopuld still highly appreaciate it if I could get help with connecting my headset.

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