From what I can tell there is no Linux support for the Netgear N900 WNDA4100. Ndiswrapper doesn't support this, either. I tried installing the driver in wine and the installer crashes. How do I go about requesting support for this device? Is it not possible, or is it just that no one has requested support for this device yet? I was trying to read stuff about compiling drivers myself but this is way way out of my league. Unfortunately I have no other option besides using my Android phone in USB Tether mode while connected to my network via wifi. Through some miracle, Ubuntu sees it as a wired connection. But, this is not an ideal situation.




A fellow on ubuntuforums thinks it's the 2010_0709_RT2870_Linux_STA_v2.4.0.1.tar.bz2 that will work for that stick.

I can't test it, but it compiles fine for me.

I started with this driver from Sourceforge Japan.

Working along with this guide I changed these lines:


to this:


I applied this fix for a change since the driver was written as directed in an edit here:

make clean
find . -name \*.[ch] -exec grep usb_buffer_alloc "{}" ";" -exec sed -i 's/usb_buffer_alloc/usb_alloc_coherent/g' "{}" ";"
find . -name \*.[ch] -exec grep usb_buffer_free "{}" ";" -exec sed -i 's/usb_buffer_free/usb_free_coherent/g' "{}" ";"

Then make and it builds fine.

sudo make install also went without errors.

The rest of this guide seems sound, but again...I don't have one to test.

The dead link for 'get the latest firmware' should point here.

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