I searched on the internet but all issues have Ubuntu as the Guest. I have VMWare Workstation 8 wherein Windows 7 is installed.


You can use folder sharing.

Just go to the settings of your windows VM, select the Options Tab and there you can specify your shared folder as you see on my screenshot (VMware 8, Ubuntu 12.04 Host, Win7 Guest).

enter image description here

Works flawless for me.

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  • Never thought it would be this easy, thank you! – jilseego May 1 '12 at 8:50

If you can't get anything else to work, setup a "host only" adapter on VMware and for guest OS. Then set them to be in the same IP range, i.e., guest could have and host could have

Then try to ping from one to the other, if it works you're in. Then from the Ubuntu 12.04, hit Alt+F2, type


and then enter to connect. Put as the domain and the windows user/pass.

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mount the windows partition -> users folder then there should be your folder and guest folder and anything else.

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