So I installed Kubuntu today (mic worked on Windows). The speakers work fine, but the mic doesn't and I think it is not even recognized.

There is only one option for input audio, analog input

Meanwhile I can either pick analog output or line out for output and line out gets the desired result

Clearly Kubuntu doesn't recognize the mic. And since Windows did recognize it, I doubt the cause is mechanical. What should I try to solve the issue?

EDIT: I tried taking the speaker cable out and in and I got a signal while doing this, but I didnt get a signal while putting the microphone in the microphone input, but I get it if I put it in the speaker input.

EDIT2: Curiously, the microphone works if only the microphone is plugged in but not the speakers???

EDIT3:If I plug the microphone first, the microphone works and the speakers don't. Anyone has any idea?

  • This is just so annoying, it would be stupid if I had to revert back to windows just due to this... Nov 7, 2020 at 15:13

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I think (I also rebooted but I think I also rebooted before lol, would it be funny if just rebooting fixed it tho - I am now almost sure it made it work, I rebooted once when not applying the setting (was able only to use the mic, actually never the speakers), and the again applaying and it worked) this handy program located here Xubuntu - how to use both front and rear audio output? helped fix the issue.

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