I tried to use diskpart to convert a micro sd from MBR to GPT and it said it was not possible with the message some volumes like cd ROM and other disks cannot be converted. I'm trying to use it as a second /home in order to not get my disk full, but it always has problems with git. When I try to convert using gparted the partition table seems to be corrupted afterwards and when I try to make a partition with any other FS too. I heard about Hex editor in order to convert the first addresses to 0 and make room for a GPT partition table. It also happens it is a SDXC card and I'm not sure the card reader in my machine fully supports its type I think it only support SDHC.

  • What could be causing issues with git and other applications and files transfers?
  • Is it possible to convert to GPT? Would it be too risky?
  • Using a Micro SD as a second "/home" is a very bad idea, for multiple reasons. Just clean up your primary /home.
    – heynnema
    Nov 5 '20 at 15:18
  • AFAIK you cannot "convert" from MBR to GPT without formatting (erasing) the disk. That's because these are incompatible partition schemes. To make a disk use the GPT partition scheme, you should format the disk as GPT. I suggest that you use the "Disks" application for this task. Select the Disk and choose the "Format" option and select GPT
    – Nmath
    Nov 5 '20 at 21:28
  • @Nmath I tried that, but when used Gparted to create new partitions it always showed a warning saying The primary partition table is corrupted, so the backup will be used and I wasn`t able to store any data in one of them. Nov 6 '20 at 0:32
  • gparted is not Disks
    – Nmath
    Nov 6 '20 at 0:33
  • Well, I know that. I mean, after I formatted the device using Disks I then opened Gparted in order to partition but it displayed the above message, shouldn`t the partition table be consistent in Gparted or any other program as well? Nov 6 '20 at 0:37

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