Can someone point me what I could do wrong so my current /dev folder look like this?

[Few lines of output from `ls /dev/`]
autofs           loop115  loop156  loop197  loop237  loop48  loop89     ptyb2  ptydf  ptyqc  ptyt9  ptyw6  ptyz3           tty24  tty8     ttyc9  ttyp6      ttys2  ttyuf  ttyxc    vcs
block            loop116  loop157  loop198  loop238  loop49  loop9      ptyb3  ptye0  ptyqd  ptyta  ptyw7  ptyz4           tty25  tty9     ttyca  ttyp7      ttys3  ttyv0  ttyxd    vcs1
btrfs-control    loop117  loop158  loop199  loop239  loop5   loop90     ptyb4  ptye1  ptyqe  ptytb  ptyw8  ptyz5           tty26  ttyAMA0  ttycb  ttyp8      ttys4  ttyv1  ttyxe    vcs2
bus              loop118  loop159  loop2    loop24   loop50  loop91     ptyb5  ptye2  ptyqf  ptytc  ptyw9  ptyz6           tty27  ttyS0    ttycc  ttyp9      ttys5  ttyv2  ttyxf    vcs3
char             loop119  loop16   loop20   loop240  loop51  loop92     ptyb6  ptye3  ptyr0  ptytd  ptywa  ptyz7           tty28  ttya0    ttycd  ttypa      ttys6  ttyv3  ttyy0    vcs4
console          loop12   loop160  loop200  loop241  loop52  loop93     ptyb7  ptye4  ptyr1  ptyte  ptywb  ptyz8           tty29  ttya1    ttyce  ttypb      ttys7  ttyv4  ttyy1    vcs5
core             loop120  loop161  loop201  loop242  loop53  loop94     ptyb8  ptye5  ptyr2  ptytf  ptywc  ptyz9           tty3   ttya2    ttycf  ttypc      ttys8  ttyv5  ttyy2    vcs6
cpu_dma_latency  loop121  loop162  loop202  loop243  loop54  loop95

Screenshot of full terminal output I have Rasbery Pi 4 with Ubuntu ARM 32Gb SD card. Could this be result of my adventure with docker? Also htop and df -h show only 3,7Gb of total memory.

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