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What Application Indicators are available?

Please post available indicators that work in new LTS Ubuntu version 12.04.

Most of indicators posted here: What Application Indicators are available? aren't available in 12.04

PS: although indicator-multiload can be run in 12.04, that patched work doesn't look like it belongs in Unity indicators however bold this may seem against all those votes in liked question - it's for gnome panel, it doesn't look at all as Unity indicator, IMHO

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    How to do that? Many of provided indicators doesn't work in 12.04. I think it's good idea to provide just 12.04 working indicators. It's just a question and anyone can join – zetah Apr 30 '12 at 22:17
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CPU frequency indicator.

Indicator applet for displaying and changing CPU frequency on-the-fly. It provides the same functionality as the Gnome CPU frequency applet, but doesn't require Gnome panel and works under Unity.

enter image description here

Link: indicator-cpufreq



Safely, easily remove external media. A simple menu that sits in the system notification area, providing you a quick way to unmount external peripherals such as usb pendrives, cd/dvd, external hard disks and so.

enter image description here

Link: ejecter

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