I'm triyng to install Lubuntu 20.04 in an Sony Vaio SVS1311F3EW (specs Intel Core i5-3210M and graph card Intel HD Graphics 4000)

BIOS setup is UEFI

I've tryed both DVD and USB boot.

Any option I choose in the boot menu, I get a black screen.

I've already tryed "nomodeset" in GRUB's linux line.

I made the USB boot with etcher (but I tryed with Start Disk Creator and unetbootin as well)

Can anyone help?

  • Have a look into the boot-devices. Some laptops give you 2 options, one the with the usb mounted into UEFI-mode, one with standard USB-access. See that the one with UEFI is selected. If the problem persists, try another distro. – Bernard Decock Oct 31 '20 at 18:11
  • The only options the BIOS offers is to enable or desable external device boot. I've already tried Linux Lite, Puppy Linux and Kubuntu as well. – Marcelo Oct 31 '20 at 18:52
  • Did the media check complete successfully? Why do you mention nomodeset, the option I'd try is "Start Lubuntu (safe graphics)" if the normal "Start Lubuntu" didn't work. Did you download the ISO from Ubuntu or Lubuntu? (your choice makes me wonder, as google can send people to unofficial sites offering download). Why not write the ISO as Lubuntu recommends, ie. manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.2/booting_the_image.html – guiverc Oct 31 '20 at 22:13
  • Did you validate your ISO? In the Lubuntu manual it's mentioned at manual.lubuntu.me/stable/1/1.1/retrieving_the_image.html though normal Ubuntu procedures (tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-how-to-verify-ubuntu#0) apply to all flavors too – guiverc Oct 31 '20 at 22:18

Edit the kernel boot parameter to include : acpi_osi=! <--This should work just fine.

You may include: quite, splash, nomodeset

Do not use acpi=off. It may work at first but give you problems later.

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